What is Crossfit

What is Crossfit?

It seems like a simple question, but it is very hard to explain it in one sentence. Of course we can say when people ask us “what is Crossfit”. “Oh it is kind of body workout” and it’s true, but I don’t believe, that anyone who is looking for answer will be satisfied by this one.

So let me introduce this new sport which became popular so quickly. Crossfit has been created by military. It was a special program of exercise during which the soliders train whole body to improve strength and stamina. Crossfit gives amazing progress in a short time. Soon it became much more popular and even non-military people started to train it. You don’t have to go to the gym to train it. You just need some space at your home or garden or even in the park to train Crossfit. Most of the exercises you can do by using weight of your body, rest of equipment you can buy for a relatively small price. Of course, the best option would be to join the Crossfit Box to train with professionals with the highest quality equipment.


Who should try Crossfit?

Crossfit gives us a great possibility for a full body workout. It is good for all people, young and old, thick and thin. A lot of people start training Crossfit to lose their weight and effects are amazing because they lose their weight quickly and they can see the progress of changing all the time . People who train Crossfit not only lose weight but also can see the changes in their body in the possitive way – gaining muscles, gaining good posture and more.


How the training looks like?

During the 20-30 minutes you have to repeat the exercises which were planned for your daily WOD as much times as you can. One series takes from 5 to 8 minutes during which you should do exercises for your whole body. One exercise should take from 30 to 45 seconds during which you have to do, as much as you can, repeats and there are no breaks after 30 or 45 seconds you have to change your exercise and you have to do it until the end of the  whole series. In a week you should  do about 2-3 trainings at the beginning and have always a day of rest between them.


How can I start?

The best for you will be to sign in to some Box because that is how people call places where they train Corssfit. You can also check out your nearby gym if they have the necessary equipment and maybe Crossfit trainings in the offer. Why is it so important to start under the guidance of the professional trainers, because first you need to get to know the technique and learn how to do exercises property. Other plus is that you will start with the people who also try to lose weight or build the physique. As you know beginnings are always the hardest and when you start alone you can give up quickly. People who train Crossfit in a group are like family and when they see that you are on the edge of giving up they will support you to stay on your way to healthy body.


Advantages of Crossfit:

  • you can lose your weight very fast
  • build your full body
  • variety of exercises
  • trainings for everyone
  • possibility of exercising at home, garden, park or in the Box
  • you can train with your friends or people who share the same passion
  • short and intensive trainings (20-30 minutes)
  • and many, many more…


So now you can answer when somebody ask you: What is Crossfit?