CrossFit Workouts for Beginners

About Crossfit workouts for the beginners

Crossfit became extremely huge thing almost instantly. It appears that it will not go anywhere for a long time. More and more people are trying crossfit out everyday. And they are fascinated. It became not only national thing, but now it is a global phenomenum. The thing is that people love the most is that everyone can do it. Trainings are so different so literally everyone can find something for themselves. No matter if you are small, big, fat or thick. There are so many exercises available that every trainer will give you a set of excersises that are best for you. Another great thing about crossfit workout is the fact that it is not boring. Your training constantly changes and with every new exercise you surprise the new part of your body. This is why this training is so efficient and effective.


For the beginners

Everyone has to start somewhere. And it is never easy. The first WOD (Workout Of the Day) does not have to be scary and a discouragement. It most likely will challenge you. But the feeling you get once you finish it is something that words cannot describe. Notice, that you can even do those workouts at home if you have necessary tools. Let’s get started with the first crossfit workout.

WOD #1: Half Cindy

This training lasts only ten minutes. But it will be an extremely hard ten minutes. If you are new to trainings then you might be unable to do pull-ups after one round. But do not get discouraged. With each new crossfit workout you will start seeing progress. If you train in the gym you will have various modifications that will help you finish this training. Without them it might be nearly impossible to do for new trainees. For example, use resistance band when you do pull-ups. You wrap it around the bar and put your legs in it. If you are unable to do push-ups, you might make it easier by doing it on knees.

WOD #1: Half Cindy (10 minutes)

  • 5 pull ups


You can use a little help for this at the beggining


  • 10 push-ups


  • 15 air squats


WOD #2: Crossfit total

This crossfit workout is here to prepare you for the heavy lifting that is a huge part of this sport. Opposite to Half Cindy, this one does not have time limitation. The goal is to show you how weights affect your body and to get to know your limitations. For start you can even do it without and weights just with the bar. The most important thing is to do these exercises right so if you have any doubts ask your trainer for tips.

WOD #2: Crossfit total

  • 5 back squats


  • 3 overhead presses


  • 3 deadlifts


WOD #3: Helen

This crossfit workout might look easy on paper but in reality it is not. Remember to do not run as fast as you can because after just one round you will be extremely exhausted and you will be unable to finish this workout. For pull-ups – again, if you have problems be sure to use resistance band. For kettlebell swings use the lightest, and if it feels too easy, you can try others.

WOD #3: Helen (3 rounds)

  • 400 meter run


  • 21 American Kettlebell swings


  • 12 pull-ups


WOD #4: Wall Ball, Burpees

Both wall ball and burpee cause your shoulder muscles and legs to work so you get full-body effect. This crossfit workout might sound easy but it is not. And you will know it once you start doing it. Important note – use your hips to throw the ball, because your shoulders will not survive that training. And remember, do not stop. Once you stop you most likely will not start again.
WOD #4: Wall Ball, Burpees (21,15,9 reps – in time)

  • Wall balls


  • Burpees


WOD #5: Sit-ups, Lunges

Interval crossfit workout. You must push yourself to your limits in three minutes. Do not worry though. After that you will have two minutes to get some rest. Remember, that you will not fully recover in those two minutes – it is simply impossible. But it should give you just enough energy to match your score from previous round. If it feels too easy or too hard – alter weight and time.

WOD #5: Sit-ups, Lunges (3 rounds, 3 minutes, 2 minutes rest, AMRAP)

  • 15 sit-ups


  • 15 lunges


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