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CrossFit Kettlebell Workout

Cast iron, cold and dangerous, forgotten for years, supplanted in favor of modern machinery strength slowly returning to favor. And all of this thanks to the recently popular system of exercises, commonly called Crossfit. What is this surely old-fashioned thing with a handle? And why would it be more effective than hundreds of expensive machines that were created to make our bodies look great? Well, it is simple. And everything what is simple is the best. This is what CrossFit is all about. It has to be simple, but very hard and effective. The whole modern gym equipment, melted into one small thing that will soon become interesting and beautiful for everyone that is going to use it. You will love it more once you see how amazing the effects will be. To train different parts of your body you needed different equipment. Now  you can train it whole with one simple kettlebell. Today we want to show you CrossFit kettlebell workout which you can do at home, in the gym or in the park.

CrossFit kettlebell workout for beginners:


The basic exercise that you need to master to be able to do the next ones. Teaches you how to lift the weight off the ground.

#2 Front Squat

Starting position: feet same as hips width (or a little wider), toes slightly outward. Kettlebell held in front of your chest with two hands, shoulders pulled to the body, chest forward.

Movement: Withdraw hips back, descend straight down, weight on heels, knees do not exceed the foot line. The return movement to the extension, upright completed the dynamic tension of the whole body, especially thighs, abdomen, buttocks.

#3 Swing

And here comes the fun with weights. Exercise  that will led to you to gaining a straight posture and strengthen the muscles of the rear strips (sciatic-shin and back), geting rid of back pain, strengthening the cardiovascular system, circulatory, and what is best you will burn a lot of calories. And all thanks to one exercise with one weight. It looks simple, but in reality you have to grind technique to the perfection for hours.

Starting position: As deadlift, but the weight is set in front of us, between legs.

Movement: Kettle has to reach as deep as possible between the legs while maintaining the back straight. Swing weights to the front with the dynamic and strong work of the hips – is a strong clip of buttocks, energetic straightening of the knees and abdominal tension are the factors that throw weight forward. Kettle descent movement pulls the body down. We have to control our back, because it is easy to make technical mistakes in the phase of descending.

#4 Turkish get up

This exercise is done slowly and with the utmost concentration. It engages all the muscles of the body, strengthening our core, stabilizes and mobilizes our shoulders, raises the body from the fetal position to standing and back again, with the weight held in one hand.

Once you have mastered those basic exercises with CrossFit kettlebell workout you’ll be able to get on with the difficult ones that feature kettebell. 

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