CrossFit Inspire – start doing something!

CrossFit Inspire – start doing something!

Jumping, running, lifting, lifting, swimming … You could endlessly repeat that. But the effect is always the same – the inhuman fatigue. You know that this is the hard way and the only way to get your figure into great shape to look amazing. Of course, some people like to take pills, steroids and stuff like that to “magically” get into shape. But they barely work and they are extremely unhealthy. Once you get into your dream shape the feeling is amazing. And we are here to inspire you. Crossfit inspire is extremally important, because some people tend to get discouraged after the short time. They think that their body should be in godly shape after little training. If you feel like you are on the edge of breaking, check out pictures from our gallery and get inspired.

#1 Girls! Diet and Crossfit training will get you in that shape.

#2 Lifting is rather important part of Crossfit training.

#3 The best people who train Crossfit battle against each other in Crossfit Games.

Training in groups

Look at this picture. Group of people sweating and hardly breathing in the gym. They are on the short break between sessions of exercises. They are exhausted but everyone is smiling. They all know that they did a good job. This is what Crossfit Inspire is all about. Training this sport will cost you tons of time, sweat, tears and often blood. But it is all worth it.


Pretty much every Crossfit Gym has instructors that are planning workout for each day. If you are new at this, do not worry if you cannot handle the workout and you feel like you are about to pass out. This is completely normal for someone who did not get used to such hard and demanding training. Coaches have one more important job to do, when they “teach” Crossfit Inspire – this also is their job. People have to feel inspired and pumped to forget about the pain and exhaustion.

What is the goal

Crossfit inspire you to get better. First, you feel like you only get better with your physique. But after a short amount of time this transfers to your daily life. You are healthier and you look much better. And what is even more important – you feel much better. Crossfit training improves your fitness, strength, endurance and speed. Everyone can do this. Everyone should at least try to get to know how it works. Maybe they will like it, maybe they won’t. But they will know for sure how hard and demanding it is. Simply put CrossFit is a universal set of exercises that can be conducted by all. Efficiency and experience are important, because during the course of training we set ourselves limits and modify the load. Training is much more diverse than standard workout at the gym. You can run, swim, paddle, ride a bike, jump rope, do sit-ups, press-ups, lift up on the stick, rip, toss weights and much more. And that’s not all! You can also choose a number of specialist machines that stimulate the parts of the body you want to train. I hope Crossfit inspire you and you will decide to try this!

#4 Running is part of the training.

#5 Press-ups can be done in various variations.

#6 Hard training makes you feel amazing and fullfilled.

#7 People you train with become your second family.

#8 Crossfit Inspire – Hard training will make you look amazing.

#9 Pull-ups on the line are hard to do.

#10 Pull-ups can be done in different variations.

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  1. Hello,
    I want to loos weight especially in my butt and under my butt.
    Actually I don’t used to exercise but I am swimming once per week. Would you please give me a plan or guide me?
    Thans and best

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    • First thing you need is a good, proper diet. And regarding to plan, you need to think if you want to hit a gym, box or maybe do outdoor trainings (running would work great for sure).

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