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Stability & Support Following Knee Injuries
Depending on the severity of the injury an issue with your knee can quickly impact general levels of performance and mobility. You might find that even walking on the affected leg causes a great deal of pain and makes it difficult to keep your balance. If you are suffering from an injury like this, you will want to complete the full healing process as quickly as possible. This will require you getting the right level of knee support and stability. 

Types of Knee Injury 
There are various types of knee injury that can impact levels of stability. You might suffer an anterior cruciate ligament. AN ACL is the most common type of knee injury and connects the thigh to the shin. Alternatively, a PCL or posterior cruciate ligament injury impacts the connection of the thigh bone to the shin as well. This is typically impacted after a car accident. 

Of course, there are other issues that are not caused by trauma. These include patellar tendonitis, runners’ knee and arthritis of the knee. Regardless of what type of issue you are suffering from, you need to make sure that you get the right treatment to gain full knee support. 

Signs of A Knee Injury 
There are a variety of signs that you have injured or damaged your knee. The most common sign is a pain that can be both severe and sudden. You might also hear a loud break during the injury and develop swelling within the first 24 hours. After the injury, you will typically notice that the joint feels loose and you could struggle to put any weight on it. 

While these injuries can heal by themselves, it is often advised to get medical attention. This will ensure that more severe issues are not being overlooked. For instance, it is crucial to check that there are no broken bones. 
Providing Stability and Support After A Knee Injury
Knee injuries can take a significant period to fully heal and restore mobility. While some will heal in a matter of weeks, others can take several months to mend. The duration will depend on a variety of factors including your age. 

Treatment will typically involve wearing a knee brace. A knee brace can be used to stabilise the knee after the injury and provide a high level of protection to avoid further damage. 

PhysioRoom have a wide range of different knee supports and braces. These can be used for rehabilitation after an injury as well as for a wide range of long term and chronic conditions. 

It’s crucial that you get a high-quality knee brace to ensure that you do gain the absolute maximum level of support. That’s exactly what PhysioRoom offers with quality designs and manufacturing standards to ensure that you do get the ultimate level of knee support. 

A good knee support or brace has even been shown to dramatically reduce recovery time and ensure that a high level of mobility is maintained. 

We hope this helps you understand how to deal with a knee injury and gain the support you need.