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What is the Best Kit for Passing a Marijuana Test?

Marijuana is the most used drug in the world and in many states it is legal. However, some employment policies are outdated and you will need to pass a drug test in order to get hired. Athletes also can’t use weed so they have tests every year when they go to the doctor. Nowadays, we have many options when it comes to cheating on these tests so you shouldn’t worry too much. You should get information about it so you can realize which cheating method is the best.

Once you search online for products made for cheating on these tests, you will find a variety of kits that work for every type of testing. The market is very competitive and there are some brands that stand out because of their quality and success rate. The marijuana community has answers to all of your questions about the best THC detox kits and the methods you can use. The time is crucial here so make sure you are well-informed.

What Are The Chances That You Will Pass?

The type of kit you will buy will have an influence on your chances to pass the test. Other factors include the type of test and how you approach it. If you don’t feel like following some rules then don’t try some of the methods like using fake urine which is the most efficient way. When you use synthetic urine, you won’t need to put anything into your system so your body will stay safe. The reason why you shouldn’t use it if you don’t follow instructions is that you need to be careful with it.

Fake urine can be easily damaged if it’s exposed to strong light or heat. If you read the manual, your chances are the highest with synthetic urine. Of course, it can be only applied for a urine test. The second method for urine testing is detox drinks and the least favorable is natural detox. If you are a heavy smoker your chances aren’t too high if you want to detox naturally.

Natural detox is okay if you are providing a blood or saliva sample. It is only required that you don’t smoke for a couple of days. The hair follicle test will be tough to beat and things like shaving your head don’t work. Your main method is to use a detox shampoo with a conditioner to minimize hair damage.

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Kit for Each Type of Test

If you need to provide a hair sample, you should look for detox shampoos. It’s very easy to find one online because the biggest stores like Amazon are selling them. It’s always better to buy from a trusted retailer because there are still scammers on Amazon. You won’t need only a detox product to cleanse your hair you will also need additional ingredients like vinegar or detergent. Applying vinegar on wet hair and leaving it for 30 minutes will help versus toxins and after that, you can apply the shampoo. Repeat that process two times. That should be done every day up to 3 days before testing.

Most of the products are well-made so shouldn’t make a mistake there. For the urine test, you should include a diet with the detox drinks. If they are used only to mask the THC then you don’t need any additional method, the only thing to remember is that you shouldn’t exercise before testing. If you plan to use pills and you really want to cleanse your body, then you might get a healthy diet that will support the change. Don’t put your body to a lot of stress because it can only get weaker.

Important Ingredients

When you are picking a detox drink you should look for a few ingredients that are most important for you. Their description won’t look like something that you would use for detox but their combination works in many cases. The first one is Turmeric which is a great antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory features. It’s a very important part of the detox process so every product should have it.

Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin is an ingredient that is very important in metabolism in general. Its goal is to improve energy production. Another vitamin that is crucial here is B12 which impacts the detoxification directly. It makes THC water-soluble which means it will get out of your system easier. You could also look for natural ingredients which are always a plus.

While using these detox drinks you could involve in your diet natural drinks that will improve the effectiveness of these products. These beverages include lemon juice, coffee and cranberry juice. You can’t pass the test by drinking a lot of natural beverages so don’t rely only on them.

Urine Test Myths

One of the popular myths you will find online is that by using Gatorade you can pass the test. If you are a heavy smoker and you drink a lot of water and Gatorade it doesn’t mean you will pass it. It may improve your chances for 5-10%. Your creatinine levels might get worse if you take a large amount of liquid which may notify testers that another test should be done.

Some people try to exercises until they can’t anymore so they can get all the toxins out of their system. This actually doesn’t work because you need to have your body prepared in advance for these situations. If you are in great shape, you will get rid of toxins faster. Exercising before testing will only improve the chance of failing.

Another myth is that the color of your urine is going to determine that you have drugs in your system. This is false because there are some diseases that will change the color of your urine. It is true that toxins may also but the color isn’t something that testers will base their opinion on. There is a lot of false information on the internet so you should only look for a trusted source.

Advantages of Emu Oil

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How can it work?

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