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In a world where every new invention is received with optimism and pessimism in equal measures, the ability to know whether what you have is right for you or not, is paramount. Your health as an individual is very important, and everything must be done to ensure just that. More and more innovations are being made, but one name has stood out is CBD oil.

What is CBD and why is it good for your body?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol oil. It is derived
botanically from the cannabis sativa
plant. CBD happens to be the most dominant compound among 100-plus other known
cannabinoids found in the plant. It is one of the most sought-after chemical compounds
for wellness today due to its near-countless health benefits.

all the hype was directed towards THC
(tetrahydrocannabinol) – a compound also found in cannabis plant, which is
known to cause psychoactive effects or the ‘high’ effects as most people fondly call them. CBD has come in and taken
all the attention, thanks to the growing list of therapeutic benefits it linked
with it.

Types of CBD products

The market for CBD
growing at a very high rate, and consequently,
more related products are finding a way online and in stores near you. They come in
different forms and the method of
consuming varies from product to another.
The most popular forms of CBD available

  • CBD Tinctures – They are more popular
    than any other types mainly because the
    user can easily gauge the amount of CBD
    they’re ingesting. Administering a tincture involves the use of a dropper to
    put counted drops under the tongue.
  • Capsules – Just like the typical capsules, CBD capsules are swallowed with water. However, it is a little bit difficult to
    establish just how much you are taking, since different brands contain varied amounts of CBD. Typical capsules contain
    between 10 and 25 mg of CBD.
  • Concentrates –Concentrates are taken the
    same way as tinctures; by putting a few drops under the tongue. The one significant distinction, however, is the
    concentration of CBD where concentrates are stronger and unsuitable for
  • CBD Edibles –Brace yourself for more of
    these soon. CBD is becoming a way of
    life, and today, CBD is infused in
    chocolate, popcorns, gummies, coffee, candy, and baked items among other
    edibles. However, consuming CBD in edibles makes it impossible to know your
    overall intake, as only the manufacturers are in a position to establish that.
    However, they are ideal for starters and people who do not want to use
    concentrates and tinctures.
  • Vape Oil –This is something like an
    e-cigarette where the user smokes it through a vape pen. It has been linked with some mild side effects as it is believed that heating CBD in high
    temperatures changes its chemical composition, hence producing unwanted

Vegetable Glycerin and CBD Oil for your body

Cannabidiol oil is just about the benefits and
nothing more. People are finding more reasons to use CBD in whatever manner, provided they can
achieve their desired effects. Combined with other equally essential natural
products such as vegetable glycerin, there are even more benefits.

Glycerin is a typical
skin care product that has been used for years. It is the most natural way to
moisturize your skin as its pH value is equal to your skin, and it quickly gets
absorbed into the skin. For the many years
it has been in use, no single side effect has been recorded, and
that explains why most prominent brands
dealing with beauty have been using it as an active ingredient in almost all
their products.

When vegetable glycerin is combined with CBD
, so many health benefits can be realized. They include;

  1.  CBD honey
    and glycerin make a sweet tasting solution that can be taken by everyone
    including beginners. Because they are both 100 percent natural extracts, they
    pose no health danger to the user.
  2. Cancer-fighting
    properties – Everything has been tried out, research on numerous compounds has
    been carried out, but there is yet to be established anything close to CBD
    honey and vegetable glycerin in terms of success. CBD oil has pro-apoptotic,
    anti-proliferative effects that bar the development of cancer cells.
  3. CBD
    oil and vegetable glycerin are also used
    in the herbal extraction of glycerites. They are alcohol-free options and are
    more suitable for persons who are sensitive to alcohol products. They are
    naturally sweet, so a combination of both makes them better than alcohol
    despite alcohol being a better solvent.
  4. Reduction
    of diabetes incidences – When CBD honey is mixed with vegetable glycerin, it reduces
    plasma levels significantly and hence; manage insulin production in the body.
  5. Boosts cardiovascular health – High glucose, induction of
    Type 2 diabetes and inflammation, are known causes of vascular damage.
    When taken together, the mix helps in limiting vascular hyper-permeability
    which is linked directly to the above scenarios.

Obtaining CBD and how to use it

There is a growing demand for wellness products, and if you’re not fully conversant with what
you’re looking for, chances are you might end up purchasing either the wrong product or a substandard product. A little
background search and knowledge goes a long way. Most of these products are
available online but ensure that the
supplier proves certification, testing,
and licensing.

For new users, there are different methods of
ingesting CBD oils. Talk to your doctor to establish a common ground from where
you can start. Just because it is a proven remedy, does not warrant any
desperate approach. Read product labels carefully, and if possible, start with
products with clear dosage indications. To discover
the full benefits of CBD, it is prudent that
you begin with smaller doses. It’s normal for people to respond
differently to foreign compounds, so adjust your dose according to how well
your body feels after medication. Consider your medical history, and if you
have any known conditions, speak to your doctor first.