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training is a sport for real men. It requires endurance, strength, speed, and
strict order. The famous principle “takes more, throw further” will not
work here. It is essential to adhere to the basic principles of strength
sports, such asperiodization, the progression of exercise, diversity, and
regularity. Without this, progress will be much slower. To go through more
options, you may always go through the Crossfit style workouts.It is also strongly
recommended to engage in CrossFit under the guidance of an experienced coach,
at least at least in the initial stage. A competent mentor will teach you to
feel your body, perform the exercises correctly, work with a healthy heart rate,
and recover quickly. Also, the coach will lay the superior strength and
functional base, which you will use in further training yourself.In this
article, we will give practical recommendations on drawing up a training
program for Crossfit for men in the CrossFit hall and analyze the features of
the training.

Training in Crossfit Hall

CrossFit is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Crossfit training is not built arbitrarily, and there are a thousand and one small things that need to be considered. Before embarking on your first full-fledged functional training, spend at least one evening to understand the theoretical part of this sports discipline. Learn about advanced training techniques like AMRAP and EMOM, understand how to use them in practice. However, remember that the real understanding will come only after a couple of months of regular classes in the Crossfit hall. Health 2U Physiotherapy

Warm up and warm up

more complex complexes you are going to perform, the more thoroughly the
warm-up should be. Everything needs to be prepared for workmuscles, joints,
ligaments, cardiovascular system, and psyche. Only when you feel that the body
is warm and ready to work, proceed to the implementation of crossfit complexes.
Standard warm-up takes 2030 minutes.Experienced athletes working with serious
weights in basic multi-joint exercises are advised to use unique warming up
ointment. So working joints and muscles will not have time to cool down in the
intervals between rounds.

Loads and exercise technique

Do not overdo the axial load on the spine. Doing heavy basic exercises like deadlifts, squats, barbell traction and heavyweights in a single workout is a dangerous undertaking, especially if you are not sure that everything is fine with your back. Sooner or later, this approach to training will lead to injury, which can knock you out of the rut for several months.Use the heart rate monitor during hard workouts at the gym. Often, in pursuit of records, we forget about heart rate, and then we wonder why we have pressure under 180 by evening. Constant work in refusal (and beyond) over time depletes the heart muscle. I think the consequences are clear. Remember that our primary goal in sports is not to become stronger or stronger, but to maintain and improve our health.